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Discover the online dating advice for men that has been featured and recognized by some of the biggest sites in the world for its life changing methods, including Date.Com, Jdate.Com, Under30CEO.Com, Sublime Matchmaking, and hundreds more. The REAL Online Game is your answer to meeting women online quicker, faster, and easier than ever, no matter who you are or what you look like.

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More then 90% of Men Quit Online Dating In The First Three Months. Did you also know that more then
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Who am I and why can I help you? My name is Joshua Pompey, world recognized online dating expert, acclaimed writer, and creator of The REAL Online Game.

Let me start out by saying, I am not the best looking guy, have always feared females, and was never very successful at meeting women.

For most of my life women were pretty much non-existant, and let’s just say I didn’t exactly have the greatest confidence in the world. When I signed up for online dating as my last hope of meeting someone, it didn’t exactly turn out the way I thought it would…

I couldn’t get a response, date, or relationship going to save my life…

That is, until I began to develop the the principles behind The REAL Online Game…

In in a few moments I will make clear why these online dating guides and services have been changing the online dating lives of men all over the world at a success rate of just about 100% (Yes, this is a real statistic backed by data!).

But before we get into that, ask yourself if any of the problems below sound familiar to you…

Are You One Of The 90% Of Men Who Are Experiencing The Following Problems With Online Dating?


  • Women won’t respond to emails or messages.
  • The women that actually do reply are not even close to the quality we hoped they’d be when signing up.
  • Endless amounts of time is wasted writing emails that get no responses or refreshing the search button trying to find someone new to hit on.
  • The best looking women never reply and only seem interested in the best looking guys.
  • We start out looking for only the most beautiful women, and eventually start settling for any woman.
  • First dates are rare. Second dates rarer. And physical contact is non-existant.
  • We finally grow frustrated with trying to meet women online, but stay with it because we feel we have no other options.


If the above difficulties with online dating are familiar to you, don’t panic. You are far from alone and this 100% Guaranteed online dating guide is guaranteed to change your life the way it has changed the lives of struggling online daters all over the world.

But the best part is, the online dating advice of The REAL Online Game was exclusively created and designed to work for ANY man, no matter who you are in life, or what looks you were born with!

In a little while I will show you all the life changing secrets that the online dating advice of The REAL Online Game will provide you with. But first, even though this guide comes with a 100% Guarantee, nothing beats some good old fashioned visual evidence. So let’s start with a few photos showing what happens when the online dating advice of The REAL Online Game is put into action!”

Let’s start with some evidence!  Here’s a few example of The REAL Online Games effectiveness.

Example #1

The following screenshot is a picture of my email account for Match.com.  Notice how many women are initiating contact with me first!  The REAL Online Game teaches you how to turn yourself into a prize that beautiful women feel the need to chase, and not the other way around!


Example #2

The screenshot below is from a beautiful woman I met on online.  Observe how she is the one trying to get me to ask her out on a date.  Those who master the online dating advice of The REAL Online Game make things like this happen on a consistent basis without a problem.


Example #3

The following woman was a stunning girl I dated for a while from another popular online dating site. Not only is she stunning, but again, she is the one asking me out!


Example #4


The following screenshot was another beautiful girl I met online.  This one always makes us laugh to this day because a few months later we wound up going on vacation together!  Also notice, that I am far from above average in looks.  The REAL Online Game teaches you how to meet any woman no matter what you look like!




The above pick ups are just a few of the hundreds of women I have had success with when attempting to meet women online. But this site is not about bragging! I merely wanted to show you the power of this online dating guide that has been years in the making.

*** Please also note that the online dating advice that we preach does not teach men to lie, cheat, or take advantage of women. It simply helps men to understand attraction, apply it to online dating, and push ahead of all the competition.

And the best part is, any man out there can learn to meet women online just as easily as in the examples above. It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you are from, or if you have not landed a single date in three years of online dating!

The online dating advice, systems, and strategies that I put together in what is now known as The REAL Online Game changed my dating life forever, and now they are going to transform yours.

Now That I Have Your Attention, What Is The REAL Online Game?

The REAL Online Game in its most basic form is a step by step online dating guide that gives any male, no matter what looks he was born with, the tools to meet women online quicker, faster, and more efficiently then you’ve ever dreamed possible.

We take all the best and most proven methods of picking up women in the world, find ways to completely adapt them to the online universe, and create systems, methods, and routines that are scientifically proven to generate optimal amounts of attraction and interest.

Furthermore, the online dating advice of The REAL Online Game switches everything around and puts you in the drivers seat.

You are no longer going to do the chasing. You will now be the one that is going to be chased for dates and you are going to be the one selecting who you want to go out with.

When it comes down to it, The REAL Online Game is online dating advice that will work for for any man, no matter who you are!

What Is “The REAL Online Dater?”

The REAL Online Dater is the guy right of college, the newly divorced neighbor, the neighborhood postal worker, or the doctor just looking for a free moment to date.

The REAL Online Daters out there are you, me, and the millions of men that weren’t born looking like a movie star, not born into wealth, and haven’t always had ladies falling into their lap for as long as they can remember.

We are the men out there that just want to find happiness with women, whether that means being in a committed relationship, being able to receive dates any time we want, or merely being able to hook up and have fun without spending months on end looking for a willing partner.

We are The REAL Online Daters of the world and this online dating guide is our answer to living the dream.

What If I’m Not The Best Looking Guy?

Can The REAL Online Game Work For Me?

Absolutely. In fact, The REAL Online Game is specifically designed to work for men that weren’t born with above average looks and to work for any man, no matter what hand you have been dealt with.

When it comes down to it, looks are important, but not in the way that you might think. Our appearance matters. Our “natural looks” do not.

All men, no matter who we are in life can create an appearance that is attractive by taking the time to construct the right look. (A nice haircut, good wardrobe, etc. This is all covered in the online dating advice in Chapter 2 of The REAL Online Game)

The reason our birth looks are not very important is because there are 10 scientifically proven ways to create attraction in females regardless of what we look like.

So if we are not in luck with being born the best looking guys, we can use the other ten triggers of attraction to pick up the slack and make women attracted to us.

Just about all females react to these same 10 triggers. This is evolutionary programming that women cannot prevent themselves from responding to. Attraction is not something they choose or control, they just feel it!

This means we all have ten great methods for attracting women online at all times. (11 if you were born with great looks!)

The online dating advice of The REAL Online Game will show you how to take these ten methods of attraction, and infuse them into your online dating profiles, emails, instant messages, phone calls, text messages, and dates, in hundreds of different ways, enabling us to make just about any woman we desire feel high levels of attraction towards us!

If Looks Really Aren’t Important, Why Is Online Dating So Hard?


1. Competition. Competition. Competition. Guys fear approaching women in real life. This fear disappears behind the computer. The result? Women are being approached by exponentially more men. This makes online dating even tougher than meeting women out in public if you don’t know the secrets to building attraction online.

2. Failure to understand the female thought process. The female mind is wired totally different than the male mind. Failure to understand the female mind, and how to use the principles of attraction to our advantage will result in certain failure when it comes to pushing past the competition.

3. Attraction killers. We can kill attraction twice as fast as we can build it if we are not careful. Millions of men fill their messages, profiles, and pictures with words and visuals that absolutely destroy any potential attraction with women that would have otherwise been interested.

4. Being a victim of “nice guy disease.” All women say they want a nice guy. This is a classic case of them not knowing what the really want. They want a nice guy, but not in the beginning. Until attraction is fully established, we must tread the nice guy line carefully, and wait for the opportune time to act this way. Guys who are too nice in the beginning will destroy all attraction. In the beginning women want a chase. The online dating advice of The REAL Online Game will show you how to make this happen and have women feeling as if they need to win us over.

5. Failure to understand the art of language use. All communication online is through the written word. There are very specific ways that we must write our our online dating openers, messages, and profiles in order to create the high levels of attraction we need. Millions of men unintentionally write in ways that make them come across as desperate, clingy, needy, and lonely.

6. Sustaining attraction and interest. Many women disappear after the first response, or shortly after giving out a number. It is not easy to maintain interest levels without knowing the right methods. The REAL Online Game will give you online dating advice that keeps the interest going strong strong at all times.


Are you ready to see what men in countries all over the world are learning from this 100% Guaranteed online dating guide?

Don’t forget, all of the amazing secrets that are shown below are not only risk free, but are obtainable for the cost of what most sites charge for just one month of membership!

Some of the unbelievable systems, strategies, and secrets that will be revealed in this online dating guide, packed with more than two hundred solid pages of info are:

  • The 10 different triggers for creating extreme levels of attraction within females, and how to completely infuse them into every aspect of your online dating life.
  • Learn how females think by understanding the “online progression of emotions.” Females process your profile and messages in phases and we will teach you how to push past each phase.
  • The tricks to creating messages and first emails that make females feel the need and desire to respond every time.
  • The world’s most successful Instant Messaging routine and opener. This routine can be used by any man and will result in more phone numbers and smoother pick ups than you could have ever imagined.
  • Online dating advice and secret methods that will cause the highest quality women to think that you are a man of extreme demand and that they should be the ones chasing you down!
  • Secrets to building an emotional mindset and series of thought processes through your online dating profiles and pictures that will make women feel as if they can’t wait to meet you.
  • Learn tons of ready to go openers, routines, and proven material you can use on any woman, that will be highly effective, and create tons of interest, attraction, and demand.
  • Online dating advice that will teach you how to create extremely high demand and social value for yourself by carefully implementing these qualities into your profile writing, the photos you put up, and the emails you compose.
  • The innovative technique of applying “conversation fuses” into your pick up. These will create an intense reaction with females and cause even the most stunning women to pay attention and give you the reaction you are looking for.
  • Techniques for creating “online dating profile visualization.” You will learn the art of making women envision and feel the emotions of being on a date with you before ever even meeting you.
  • Online dating advice that will teach you how to master the English language and use it to your advantage in all the messages you write and online dating profiles you create.
  • You will learn the art of writing pre-packaged routines, emails, and responses that sound completely unique, which will help you avoid those dreaded moments of staring at the monitor, desperately trying to think of something else to say.
  • Learn what weak language is, how to avoid it, and transform weak sounding statements into statements of demand, power, extreme confidence, and intrigue.
  • Master the 4 essential phases of I.M. game which will result in phone numbers just about every time you engage in conversation.
  • Learn to bring women through four different emotional levels during an Instant Messaging conversation that will have them in a heightened state of attraction and excitement.
  • Online dating advice for building a photo album that females will completely stop to stare at with intrigue, and thus isolating you from the competition.
  • Techniques and strategies that will make females want to email you first. Master the process of enticing females with your profiles and pictures into starting conversations with you.
  • Learn which profile pictures, which types of photos, and which angles females are the most drawn to from a scientific perspective.
  • Understand the hundreds of messages that the photos you put up will give off about yourself, and learn how to use this knowledge to create the attraction you need, as well as avoiding the destruction of attraction.
  • Online dating advice and secret strategies that will enable you to soar ahead of the massive amounts of competition out there and make females zone in on you first.
  • Understand the process of making yourself into a “product” that the highest quality women want to buy.
  • Learn the speed at which you should be pacing your messages when picking up women online in order to keep attraction levels at their highest.
  • View actual pick ups with real women that I have had. I will take you line by line and show you exactly how its done, what my motives were behind each part of the conversation, and how you can re-create the process in your own dating life.
  • Learn the art of creating the perfect online dating profile through step by step instructions and online dating profile tips on how to infuse perfect language use and attraction into everything you write.
  • View the differences between online dating profiles that are full of attraction killers, and compare them to what an expert made profile would look like by viewing real examples.
  • Online dating advice for dodging the “Attraction Killers” that millions of men who are online dating unintentionally fill their profiles with.
  • Learn how to write email headers and subject lines that push past the competition, get you noticed, and make females excited to see what your messages say. (Believe it or not, many emails wind up in the delete pile before even being opened!)
  • Understanding the different stages of meeting women online, and the critical differences between how you need to act in the beginning of your conversations, the middle of your conversations, and the final stages of your conversations in order to keep attraction and intrigue at its height.
  • Techniques and strategies that will make you have the mysterious qualities that so many females are drawn to beyond their control.
  • Learn the exact nights of the week, as well as the moments that attempting to pick up women online that will provide the most results.
  • Understand all the underlying signals and hidden messages that our pick ups are revealing to women.
  • Online dating advice that will cause females to picture themselves in a long term relationship with you simply by infusing certain writing techniques into your profile.
  • Learn the importance of increasing the sexuality in your conversations without looking creepy, but rather, making women view you as someone who is used to always being with lots of females in life.
  • Techniques for receiving phone numbers in ways that put you in even higher demand, and make attraction levels soar even higher.
  • Online dating advice on what you should never ever write to women that most guys on the internet make the mistake of doing all the time.
  • Learn how to increase your levels of mystery, making females absolutely intrigued by you, needing to figure out who you are, and what you are all about. Online dating advice that will cause females to picture themselves in a long term relationship with you simply by infusing certain writing techniques into your profile.
  • Learn what type of online dating messages will cause females to hit that delete button and throw your emails in the trash every time.
  • A complete and thorough explanation of the “rookie errors” that new online daters and struggling online daters continually make in all aspects of their dating life.
  • Learn the importance of packing your material with plenty of pre-made transitions so that you could travel smoothly from topic to topic and avoid the small talk that millions of failing online daters resort to.
  • Learn the process of texting and calling after receiving phone numbers in order to keep interest high and attraction continuing to higher levels throughout the night. All calls and texts must be made in the proper time frame, and vary according to the method of pick up for the best results.


Sound good so far? Well we are just getting started. This online dating guide will also teach you everything you need to know to keep women highly engaged on a date, how to physically progress to that first kiss (or more), and will ultimately guarantee you a follow up date if you follow the online dating advice of The REAL Online Game.

You Will Also Receive Our Complete First Date System:

The following are just a few of the many secrets you will learn through The REAL Online Game’s first date system:

  • Learn the 66/33 rule that will ensure you the highest likelihood of success on a first date.
  • Tactics that will make attraction levels soar, making your date feel emotions that she simply cannot ignore or control. For women, attraction is just felt, not something they logically think about or choose.
  • Learn how to take your first date to a physical level, receiving that first kiss and more anytime you want.
  • Critical online dating advice that will teach you how to behave at different phases and points of your first date. This will ensure that you will create extremely high levels of attraction and interest, while keeping them at an extremely heightened emotional state.
  • Understand the process of making your date not only feel comfortable with you touching her, but how to progress in ways that have her wanting you to increase the touching to larger levels.
  • Pre-packaged routines and methods that will help you move in for that first kiss with ease when the date ends. Having some material ready that builds on attraction is always extremely useful.
  • Learn the process of creating comfort levels with your date that cause her to feel like she has been going out with you for months in the course of just one date.
  • Become equipped with pre-packaged first date stories, first date games to play, effective conversation starters, and tactics that can be applied to any woman and build tons of attraction.
  • Learn stories that are specifically created to spark an attraction, elevate interest, and most importantly, stories that have you come across as someone who is in tremendously high demand.
  • Understand the art-form of storytelling to make your stories come completely to life, as well as learning how to use them in order to physically progress and touch your date.
  • Online dating advice that will teach you how to avoid uncomfortable silences and keep your dates mouth going non-stop.
  • Learn online dating advice that will teach you how to be funny and utilize humor in ways that not only make your date laugh, but make her think simultaneously that you are in demand and someone women chase all the time.
  • Pre-packaged lines that will help you open your date in the best way possible. This will immediately take away the awkwardness of the first encounter, while increasing interest at the same time.
  • Dating games that will not only help you to physically progress, entertain your date, and raise fun levels, but will have her subconsciously associating you with her happy childhood memories.
  • Learn to avoid having your date view you as the nice guy friend, and how to ensure you turn yourself into a man that is viewed sexually and romantically.
  • Online dating advice that will help you steer clear of those awkward goodbyes when it comes time to say goodnight and move in for that first kiss.
  • Learn the greatest nights of the week to set up your date so that you can ease into a second date with ease.
  • The best tips for what days of the week, what times of the week, and how you should be meeting women for your first date.
  • Find out the greatest spots to arrange your first meeting at.
  • Learn text messaging systems, as well as methods for calling women, which will not only make your date become extremely comfortable with you, but will set you up for great first date discussion, and cause your date to become extremely excited about getting together with you.
  • Advice on turning yourself into a man that has an appearance women are highly attracted to, in addition to sending all the subconscious messages you should be sending.
  • Turn yourself into a man that women want to chase by building yourself into a product that women want to “purchase” and show off to their friends.
  • Online dating advice that will teach you the best amount of time you should go between your first and second date before you contact your target.
  • Learn the art of creating an emotional state that has your date anxiously waiting for that second date call.
  • Learn the correct times to text and the correct times to pick up the phone depending on what form of messaging you use to meet your target online. We will teach you which methods lead to better success.
  • Dating advice and strategies that will have your date feeling extremely large levels of comfort once the night ends, which will transition to maintained interest and raised excitement for a second date.

Want even more information? Well, there is tons more. We have only scratched the surface.


And don’t forget, this online dating guide is backed by a 100% Guarantee. If the above claims do not change your dating life forever, all you have to do is send your receipts for a full refund plus ten percent. Everything this online dating guide claims to do, delivers.

The online dating advice of The REAL Online Game has worked for men all around the world and it will change your life as well. And when you begin to experience the results of this online dating guide coming in, you will begin to see a dream life right in front of your eyes that you thought was only reserved for the rock stars of the world.

But perhaps the greatest part about all of this is that you can change your life to unimaginable heights for the cost of what many men spend on online dating sites for just one month of service!

Why throw away countless amounts of money every month, growing increasingly frustrated, and receiving minimal results, when all you have ever wanted out of life could begin today?

There Are Hundreds of Dating Guides.

Why Is The REAL Online Game Any Different?


First starters, The REAL Online Game is the only dating guide out there that specifically focuses on meeting women online and nothing else but the obsession formula is an awesome dating guide.

The truth is, there are a few great books on picking up women in “real life,” and they deserve a ton of credit. In fact, I’d be happy to recommend them if you contact us and that’s what you’re interested in.

The unfortunate part is, the only guides out there that do have a bit of quality to them and are effective, either don’t discuss online dating at all, or only devote a tiny little chapter to online dating, discussing it as a complete afterthought.

There are plenty of websites and articles out there that do discuss online dating. The problem is, these books are complete garbage and don’t work at all for the “REAL” online dater. Believe me, I read just about everything I could find when I was a struggling online dater and desperately looking for hope!

These websites and articles give men completely generic advice, showing no understanding of what women actually respond to, and have zero effect for the “REAL” online daters out there who are regular guys looking to push past the competition.

These “gurus” create online dating advice that may look good on paper, but has no effect when actually applied in real life.

The online dating advice of The REAL Online Game is the one and only online dating guide and system that is completely, 100% constructed, designed, and dedicated, to creating systems for meeting women online that will work for ANY man, no matter who you are in life.

The systems, philosophies, and routines of The REAL Online Game have been tirelessly tested, experimented with, and proven effective over and over again for men all over the world.

This is shown through the hundreds of testimonials, our extremely high success rate, consistent feedback, and through the acknowledgment of numerous publications that have featured the online dating advice of The REAL Online Game.

Why Should We Trust You? I’ve Been Ripped Off Many Times Before…


As a former struggling online dater I once spent day and night searching for online dating tips that worked, buying every dating guide I could get my hands on, and wasting tons of money in the process. So I know all too well the pain of false promises.

Because of all these experiences I have had, I do everything I can to build trust with my customers to show that this online dating guide is not full of false promises and will actually work.

1. We provide a 100% Guarantee.

Providing this offer places all the risk in our hands, and none of the risk in your hands. If this online dating guide doesn’t work for you, send your receipts back to us. You will receive all your money back.  Its that simple!

With a success rate of over 99% at this current date, we do not worry about the few people that decide to return our product. In fact, we dare you to try and find any other product with our success rate!

In addition, there are zero shipping and return fees like some of the other “100% guarantees” out there. Just email your required receipts and your return is complete!

2. My credentials.

I have written and continue to write for some of the biggest publications, websites, and online dating sites in the world. I am a featured writer of the Spark Online Dating Company, Jdate.com, Date.com, Under30CEO.com, and have been recruited as a Matchmaking consultant for a top NYC Matchmaking company. In addition, I have been published in countless other newspapers, websites, and publications for my unique online dating advice. Click here to view them.

But despite my large resume, what truly qualifies me to provide the best possible online dating advice is that I was easily one of the biggest struggling online daters to ever grace these online sites.

Only someone who has experienced the lows that I have, the rejection that I have, and the loneliness that I have, to rising to the success that I have, can truly be qualified to provide the “REAL” online dater with the best possible online dating advice.

3. Testimonials and evidence .

In the photos above you witnessed the power of The REAL Online Game in action. But my success is far from what is most important. The success of The REAL Online Game’s students is what truly matters and you are about to hear from some of our most successful clients about how the online dating advice of The REAL Online Game was able to change their lives.

The Tao of Badass – Is This Really a Scam or Not?

Is the Tao of Badass a scam? Absolutely NOT!

If you’re looking online to find the girl of your dreams, you need different tips and strategies to attract that right woman. This 150 page ebook of 100% pure, fresh information called The Tao of Badass will really make you a badass with the women. You see, it’s a brand new book that has been gaining HUGE popularity online. Written by Joshua Pellicer, this book is what you need if you’re looking for the ladies.

The society portrays women as inconsistent and susceptible to mood swings. Yeah, that may be true, but this book shows how to deal with that. Women are at times described as the gender group who are often experiencing a continuing emotional coaster ride. And due to this, us guys don’t know how to interact with ladies. This is why the Tao of Badass was created. The problem which it was created to solve! It is by teaching men how to be a “badass” when it comes to interacting with women and how to attract them eventually.

Joshua Pellicer wrote the book in a way that it will really help most, if not all, of the guys out there. So is Tao of Badass a scam? Heck NO!!

He actually brings a lot of cutting edge tactics for turning yourself into a badass, and handling yourself like a badass in your interactions with women. First, he gave detailed information and explained about the different gender roles that a man and a woman should do in the society. Joshua tells you in this book Tao of Badass how to be a total hit with women, which is termed as “the system”. This system intelligently talks about the schematics of interaction and guides a man through a step by step process on how to attract a woman’s attention and get her affection.

The Tao of Badass also covers the Psychology of Attraction, which is a very amazing deal! This teaches you guys how to adjust your actions to different situations and circumstances so that the women will be interested to know who you really are. The Tao of Badass really works. All of the tips and tricks that are in this awesome book is tried and tested, money back guarantee! Click here to try Pandora’s Box System and get some powerful knowledge about women.




Handbook on the skills of dating

In general: I honestly do not suggest watching the video. The main reason is the length and how the answers to your questions are pretty obvious. One video talked about 7 mistakes a man makes. Two of them are either not hot enough, or not rich enough. To be honest, this is literally how it works in nature. Don’t forget you are technically an animal. No its not because of the personality. I can easily break it down to you. If you were an animal, would you pick the animal with the most food and best hunters, or the one with great traits to pass down to your own kids? Or maybe the one that is nice, but has no food, lone, and has no good traits to pass down? Quality: The quality of the video is the part I do dislike. Some expect a video of a man talking and giving pictures relating to what he/she is talking about. Sadly, you won’t see it on those videos but the content quality of the tao of badass are amazing .

All it displays is a white background, some text being read, and that’s it. It would have been nice if the video were to demonstrate what it was talking about by showing it in the real world. If assuming by the definition of Tao, it really isn’t Tao at all.

Imagine a Buzzfeed ad, and then looking at the contents, to be really disappointed on what is shown. You expect one thing, but yet you are giving an obvious answer.

Tips: The tips are not so good. You’d be better off observing people in relationships in real life to get better answers. Videos like those make you sit in the chair and stay on the content long enough to get revenue off of them. The thing is, women are not NPC, or robots.

The tips are acting like a guidebook, but chances are, something can go wrong on Step

Every female is different, and they believe all of the methods will work on every female. Some of these tips are okay, but you must observe closely on what to use and not to use. Don’t focus on getting into bed, rather making the relationship healthy and seeing if she is the right one. Usually, you should observe her behavior when she isn’t around you, so you may have to do a bit of “communication with people around him.

Conclusion: Its really disappointing to see people wasting their good time to go outside and meet someone to a mediocre video about getting girls. Again, the best advice is observation. Do not take advice from text on a screen or a video of a guy teaching you the ways. The best way is to see how your lady friend works by being around her, but not too much. Just find the one you find being most comfortable with, instead of a hot chick that you can get under the covers with.

How to succeed in Love

Capturing a man’s heart is the dream of every woman. About that, we must clarify that there is a tiny difference between making someone love you or make somebody chase you This article is about real pure love; not about satisfying our selfishness.

First of all, we are talking about real feelings and for women who really want to try to capture his heart of their dreams. Remember, if you want someone to love and admire you, you must deserve it So here is a list of simple things that will make him happy and he will completely fall in love with you.

1) Be real! You don’t need to prove anything. If someone likes you, he likes the real you If you show something different he will understand sometime. Also when a woman keeps her character, she is unique. Be honest, he will appreciate it.

2) Be his friend. Show him that you are always by his side so he can count on you Listen to his worries or problems. Be trustful! It will help you make a strong bond that endures. Except from getting closer to his heart, you will learn to do different thing with your partner as friends and it will be harder to get bored. Once you start getting involved use Obsession Phrases to win his heart.

3) Be ready to give. Every relationship needs scarifies and you must be ready to do them. Give all your love without waiting for exchange. Try to solve your problems without fights.

4) Respect yourself! Be confident, serious when you have to, do everything for him from your heart but be careful; show him what you want but don’t let anyone thinks that you are his little poor game.

5) Give chances and be ready to forgive. Fix your mistakes, too.

6) Do what you ask for and the best for your relationship.

7) STOP BEING SELFISH. I know read it again. But you need to understand that it will destroy everything and make so many misunderstandings.

Men are not like women. They just want a nice and real woman by their side.

To be proud of her

To make them happy and take care of them. There used to be a mistaken opinion about what a man wants. It’s true that they make relationships with beautiful but mean or stupid girls, but they would never stay with them forever.

Be yourself. Love yourself and him as well. That’s all you need to do to capture every man’s heart. Just show him what he means to you without hurting yourself.